Scott County Traffic Safety Program

Traffic citations can be daunting, but with the Scott County Attorney Traffic Safety Program, there is an opportunity for dismissal. If you participate in this program and are successful, the citation will not go on your record or accumulate points against your driver’s license. Only some minor traffic violations qualify for the program.  Offenses such as DUI, Leaving the Scene of an Accident, or other more serious traffic violations do not qualify for the program.

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County Attorney Traffic Safety (CATS) Program — What Is It?

The Scott County Attorney Traffic Safety (CATS) Program is a voluntary diversion program that offers an opportunity for vehicle drivers who have received traffic citations in Scott County, Kentucky to get their tickets dismissed without any points being added to their driver’s license. The CATS Program is designed to promote safe driving and a sense of community responsibility and help those who have committed a moving violation avoid points and potential insurance premium increases.

Benefits Of Taking The County Traffic Safety Program

The Scott County CATS Program is designed to help traffic offenders learn from their mistakes and become safer drivers. The course aims to bring awareness of the risks associated with reckless driving and show the dangers of distracted or drunk driving. Those who complete the program can avoid costly court costs and statutory fines for minor offenses. Additional advantages of the program include the following:

If you pass and successfully complete the program, your citation will be dismissed, and you will not have to appear in court or pay your ticket. If you fail, however, you must contact the Scott County Attorney’s office for further instructions.

Committing Traffic Violations In Scott County

All traffic citations given in Scott County, Kentucky, are to be handled with our local District Court. So if you are driving in Scott County, pulled over for violating traffic laws, and are issued a ticket, you will have to handle the traffic violation in Scott District Court.

The traffic citation you received in Scott County should have all the contact information you need. You can either pay the fine at the Circuit Clerk’s office or show up in court and plead your case in person.

If you choose to appear in court, this means that you either dispute the charges or plead guilty. 

Suppose you plead guilty to a traffic violation in Scott County. In that case, even if you pay the fine without appearing in court – points will go against your driving license, and the traffic violation itself will be placed on your record, where it will remain visible for some time.

How Do I Qualify For CATS?

You don’t need to do anything right now to qualify for the Scott County Attorney Traffic Safety Program. The Scott County Attorney’s office will review your citation, and you’ll get a letter in the mail with further instructions if you’re eligible for the program.

Eligibility is at the discretion of the Scott County Attorney’s Office. Some eligible offenses may include: Speeding, Disregarding a Stop Sign, Improper Passing, Careless Driving, etc. You do not qualify if you already paid for your ticket, signed up for State Traffic School, have a Kentucky Commercial Drivers License (CDL), completed the program within the last year, or received a citation for Speeding 26+ over.

What Happens If You Fail To Complete CATS On Time?

If you fail to complete CATS on time, you will need to appear in person at your next court date and either pay the fine or ask for an extension of time.